Fundamentally, from inside the a conceptual duplication a past studies is actually replicated with the exact same society but more measures

Fundamentally, from inside the a conceptual duplication a past studies is actually replicated with the exact same society but more measures

Because this sorts of duplication investigation is founded on the same theory because the completely new analysis (Tsang & Kwan, 1999 ), transparency standards regarding characteristics of the people, but not necessarily methodological methods, was really relevant (we.age., criteria 2–5).

3.step three Blog post alternatives

I yourself searched the content typed within the SMJ as season 2000 while having used in press content by . I included training which IEIs supported as the trick type in for substantive show and you may results. It triggered the new different regarding content you to definitely mentioned the employment from elite informants but didn’t clarify the particular character off the brand new interview off substantive findings (elizabeth.grams., Shipilov, Godart, & Clement, 2017 ), and those knowledge where in fact the share of your own top-notch informant is actually simply for a consequent survey creativity processes (age.grams., Baum & Wally, 2003 ; Reuer, Klijn, & Lioukas, 2014 ). Simultaneously, we performed were degree one understood professional informant interviewing just like the a great post-hoc data (elizabeth.g., Zhou & Wan, 2017 ). The last try included 52 articles (but 53 separate trials once the that blog post provided a couple education) and are also placed in Appendix S1C (Support Advice).

We make three clarifications regarding the our test from 52 SMJ content. Earliest, none of one’s articles included lined up especially in the performing replications. Rather, it had been our personal objective so you’re able to empirically read the the latest the amount so you can hence replicating knowledge with already been authored is possible offered every piece of information that is usually offered.

Next, we integrated some training which might be regarded as getting decimal however, put IEIs when you look at the a clearly qualitative styles (e.g., they integrated questions across the systems from analysis outside pre-established “if-then” branching, they integrated questions when you look at the ultimately different methods contingent on the situations, there was substantial variation in the number of informants per unit regarding study according to that was read pursuing the studies have begun). To look at this dilemma much more correctly, i used two programmers so you can classify all the 52 articles into among the many pursuing the meetmindful ekÅŸi classes (inter-rater reliability are .92): (1) case study (we.age., a survey where problematic is examined using one otherwise significantly more cases within this a good bounded system); (2) rooted theory (i.elizabeth., a study where specialist made a principle regarding a beneficial procedure, action or correspondence formed of the view of plenty out-of members); (3) blended tips (i.elizabeth., a study combined qualitative and you will decimal investigation range and you will investigation analysis inside an individual investigation); (4) most other qualitative tips; otherwise (5) primarily decimal (we.elizabeth., the study integrated a qualitative role but it was used from inside the post-hoc analyses or even to confirm or explain the decimal analysis). Performance showed that purely qualitative and mixed procedures articles (that have a definite qualitative parts) accounted for 85% of one’s try. Particularly, twenty-seven (52%) is purely qualitative, 17 (33%) made use of combined strategies, and 8 (15%) are mainly quantitative. Appendix S1D (Supporting Advice) has this new categorization of each of 52 content. Inside the contribution, the majority of the the new articles used in our research is actually qualitative in the wild (85%) and you will espoused an excellent (post) positivist strategy (94%).dos dos I categorized circumstances and you can rooted concept knowledge considering precisely what the experts themselves penned (i.age., extremely researchers use rooted idea into the an excellent (post) positivistic way).

The purpose of that it third kind of replication is to evaluate whether or not results, when it comes to constructs and you will dating certainly constructs, can be duplicated playing with various other methodological steps and you may tools

3rd, i analyzed whether degree within our decide to try was in fact regarding (post) positivist mode since if they aren’t, employing the methods to evaluate openness (described next area) wouldn’t be appropriate. So, we coded the newest articles using Lincoln, Lynham, and you can Guba’s ( 2011 ) taxonomy, which includes (1) positivism and you may blog post positivism, (2) crucial theory, (3) participatory, and you may (4) constructionist/interpretivist ontologies. For their commonality and you may clear differentiation regarding other forms, i managed positivism and you may article positivism overall category. I made use of one or two independent raters so you’re able to classify each of the 52 articles (inter-rater reliability are .96). Overall performance showed that % (n = 49) espoused an excellent (post) positivist ontology and you may 5.77% (letter = 3) followed an effective constructivist/interpretivist method. Predicated on these performance, this new posts i analyzed are suitable for our very own intentions. Appendix S1D (Support Information) has the new ontological group of each and every of one’s 52 content.

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