Remaining by yourself, Harley woke when you are Batman try active overcoming an excellent Titan- pushed Bane

Remaining by yourself, Harley woke when you are Batman try active overcoming an excellent Titan- pushed Bane

She on time escaped straight back external. Harley recorded a message for 1 of your own Joker’s fake patient coaching having Batman during the Invitees Cardiovascular system, taunting and you may insulting new Black Knight. After the her purchases, Harley returned to where she had remaining Sharp, for lots more of the Joker’s madness.

Since the Batman been able to save your self Dr. Younger of Zsasz, Harley are provided for deal with her or him; she remained unaware the Joker had booby-swept up the latest safer to your Asylum’s rules. By the point she showed up, Young are inactive on the blast and you will Batman was out-cooler. Because Batman woke, Harley joked one to More youthful earned this lady dying because the Joker disliked « squealers. »

Regarding outrage, Harley exited the bedroom and put her acrobatic skills so you’re able to attack Batman, however, are only tossed out

Harley got rid of the new tape into Sharp’s mouth area, allowing your so you’re able to insult her. She smacked your together with his individual cane in return, damaging the treasure away from they. Entertained, she informs Batman that « one to old looney believes he operates this one, » taking Clear out for more torture.

Immediately after strolling towards the local space to look at a dazzling Eco-friendly Trophy place truth be told there of the Riddler, Batman turned into trapped into the once a set of taverns slid over the door

Harley kept four goons to take Batman to help you ‘the party’, but the guy outdone him or her and used the Warden’s DNA lines regarding their severed cane idea to check out this lady. Harley following made their answer to the latest Penitentiary with the Warden, and you may forced your to read through different intimidating comments created from the Joker more than Arkham Asylum’s intercom system and you may tortured your whenever the guy hesitated and you will insulted their.

Harley direct Batman with the good goose pursue throughout the Penitentiary. From the ination Area, Harley got a couple of guards installed up-and happy to become gassed which have Smilex. But not, Batman freed them both and you may had her or him out from the place up until the gas may go of. Fundamentally, she manged to help you secret Batman towards the Shelter Handle Room, where she got locked-up Clear.

Batman spotted Harley into the area monitor, passing by Poison Ivy’s cell. Despite not-being on ‘Party List’, Ivy convinced Harley to let their free because they was members of the family. Due to the fact Ivy happily strode out and you may blew Harley a kiss, Harley sighed and you may said: « She actually is a boy. »

Batman accompanied Harley and you will exceeded different the girl traps up until there are several goons kept reputation. Harley also electrified the latest pacification system into the asylum floors to maximum power to stop his advance, and electrocuted a safety protect given that a demonstration. Batman ultimately got earlier this test and you will battled his way by way of the remainder Blackgate Prisoners and fled Arkham Lunatics before the fifteen leftover thugs assaulted Batman into the Tall Incarceration.

Once they was outdone, Joker felt like one Harley had hit a brick wall your, and eliminated their from the ‘party list’, much so you’re able to her irritation. Batman after that grabbed Harley’s ‘party list’ and Harley attempted to strike your. However, Batman turned Harley over, read the woman hand, and received the girl fingerprints.

Batman next proceeded so you can lock-up Harley from inside the a surrounding mobile, and you can she accidentally found the newest Joker’s location at Organic Home gardens and you may reported which he carry out save the woman. Batman kept Harley weeping alone inside her phone, taking nothing but insults.

Harley next taunted him: « The fresh foolish bat has actually dropped for the my personal pitfall! », and that suggested you to she had the Riddler place the trophy when you look at the here to pitfall Batman. Batman made use of Explosive Serum so you’re able to damage the new wall over the cell and you can climbed aside back to new cell take off, and that motivated a surprised Harley giving a criminal start and you may demand: « What? How do you escape truth be told there!? »

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