Follow-up: > – the term El during the hebrew form jesus, how could one to getting away from afro-asiatic supply?

Follow-up: > – the term El during the hebrew form jesus, how could one to getting away from afro-asiatic supply?

Brand new page was at the kind regarding an exercise in my situation to exhibit an example from cuneiform composing and you can Sumerian sentences so you’re able to an interested personal

> in which perform « ohim » are from when you have this new El? or in which El become >from in the first put?

There is absolutely no term El inside the Akkadian, but there are many different Akkadian conditions you start with Este which means that ‘high, more than, over’.

>I became very pleased to see their page towards Sumerian. I am already strengthening >proverb profiles during the and wondered if >you’d problems posting the brand new proverb web page in the > or if it’s just >around design.

>Your own web page off Sumerian proverbs in the is >regrettably truncated; it appears as though the latest publish techniques was disrupted. >Your audience perform quite definitely enjoy the full version!

Disappointed indeed there are not alot more proverbs around, but it’s meant alot more since an exemplory case of Sumerian writing and you may code than just since the a listing of proverbs.

To learn as to the reasons they concludes the way that it does, you must was clicking on some of the signs in the the fresh new artwork – various parts of the fresh visual is actually mapped in order to hidden brands to own for each and every Sumerian word on its own line.

If you’re shopping for Sumerian proverbs, Bendt Alster enjoys wrote an extensive, specialized book in 2 amounts, Proverbs away from Ancient Sumer, 1997, supplied by Eisenbraun’s, to which there is certainly an association at my backlinks web page.

Nonetheless, in my >view an effective circumstances having for instance the Akkadian translations could be one to >one could gain access to a significantly wider range of definition, and therefore an excellent >much more specific understanding of the latest Sumerian word’s certain definition(s), >by searching for the fresh new Akkadian translations within the AHw otherwise CAD

>Dear sirs, navigating I came about your pages in the websites. Actually what >I need to discover was an audio file for sumerian and you can ancient egyptian languages, >any kind of? >would you promote the recommend.

Acquisition brand new CMAA tunes recording of one’s Joan Goodnick Westenholz lecture, Enheduanna: Little princess, Priestess, Poetess, regarding Will get 10, 1999 where in actuality the lecturer realize a large amount of Sumerian, tape WAW99-dos on the Ca Art gallery off Ancient Art audiotape collection.

There’s also a connection at my backlinks page away from short term Sumerian and perhaps Egyptian greetings about Voyager spacecraft record.

>I became simply questioning exactly what your undertake « this new Sumerian state » was. I’m into the good >class during the NC Condition on the Cultures of Ancient near Eastern and that i have been >seeking to collect viewpoints toward therefore-called Sumerian condition. We have realize >courtesy Tom Jones’ guide the Sumerian disease and in the morning truly stumped. Discover >evidence to point that they was native to the bedroom and you will there’s also >proof to point particular exterior dictate. also a great migration, possibly out-of >the newest Indus Area.

I believe that Sumerian ‘problem’ is actually an illusion. New Sumerian lexicon implies continuity within Mesopotamia immediately after which coexistence with this new Akkadians. The map within my web site explains everything i think concerning source of Sumerians.

The guy appears to have been for the woods, virility, and you may snakes. Thorkild Jacobsen typed that the roots of the tree draw nourishment away from deep below ground and also have the appearance of entwining snakes.

Yes, it indicates lord of your a good forest (or devoted device). Both there’s certain interplay between your word getting forest and you will the phrase for dick, therefore he is a jesus of fertility plus.

>A highly first matter/complaint: then provide the Akkadian translations since the >well? I realize obviously that not all of the beginner regarding Sumerian understands Akkadian; >and that your own importance is on Sumerian; and correctly thus.

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